‘I hate writing!’

If you’re a business owner faced with the task of writing your own marketing copy, you’re certainly not alone if you’ve uttered these words.

The internet has provided smaller enterprises with a cost-effective platform to reach potential customers.

But whether you create a blog, shoot a video, write a product description or use social media, one fact remains the same – quality writing is the key to creating an effective marketing message.


…….a message that highlights the unique selling points of your business, builds trust with your target audience and helps convert prospects into buyers.


But what do you do if you hate writing?


You may be in any one of these situations:

  • You’ve already written some marketing content but worry that your target audience won’t like or understand it.
  • Or you could be anxious that with so much content online, you’ve got nothing new to say about your industry.
  • Perhaps it’s tough to keep writing social media posts  when you realise it’s not a ‘do it once and walk away’ type of marketing.

And where do you actually find the time to write when you have to deal with customers, develop new products and stay on top of finances?



No doubt, it’s tough.

But that’s where The Content Clinic can help you.

And how can we do that?

With entrepreneurs forced to play so many roles, a major benefit of outsourcing your content creation efforts is to free up your time.

Time that could be spent on aspects of your business that you enjoy the most and will help you achieve the growth you’re looking for.


So, what exactly is The Content Clinic?

Well first things first –  welcome!

Hi, my name is Vic Motune, and I’m the head writer of The Content Clinic.

We’re a small content marketing company based in London, UK.

We work with small business owners and solopreneurs to make their written marketing content –  whether that’s web pages, blogs, or social media posts or press releases - attract and engage a clearly defined target audience.

I do have a team of freelance writers and designers.

But it’s mainly me who works with clients.

I really like to spend time getting to know you and understand what you’re trying to achieve for your business and what’s important to your customers.



We’ll talk about the keywords that are relevant to your products and services and will help drive traffic to your site.

From there, I’ll write content that will:

  • differentiate you from your competitors;
  • build trust and credibility with your target audience;
  • turn prospective customers into regular buyers.


So why should you use The Content Clinic?

If you want affordable online or offline marketing content that:

*positions you as an expert and that creates credibility early in the buying process  

*builds relationships with your audience in a way that’s cost-effective  

*attracts people with a real interest in your products and the solutions it can provide  

*turns shoppers into buyers without the hard sell  

……then drop us a line and let’s talk some more..


Thanks for stopping by and look forward to hearing from you!