Welcome To The Content Clinic

Hi, I’m Vic Motune.

For those who are visiting for the first time (or returning after previous visits) it’s important for you to know that the ultimate goal of The Content Clinic is to create content that helps you attract traffic to your site, engage with your target audience and grows your business.

From news and magazine features, blog articles, press releases and newsletters through to content and social media strategies I’ll help you deliver the right messages in the right medium in the style and tone that communicates the message you want.



So how did The Content Clinic start?

I founded the company in 2012 after a two decade background in journalism and radio production for BBC network radio.

The idea for The Content Clinic came after I successfully launched the V2 business section of The Voice, a weekly national newspaper based in London.

V2 was aimed at start ups and small business owners in a range of sectors and covered stories on sales and marketing, procuring contracts and getting funding.

While interviewing business owners for the section they’d often remark that they had tried traditional local press advertising but were still trouble getting leads.’

Others were struggling to get to grips with online marketing.



So, I decided to create The Content Clinic to help business owners in this situation by helping them craft messages that helped them reach their target audience.

I also started a blog called Every kind of people, where I share my thoughts about what makes copy engaging.


The growth of content marketing

When I started out in media, you could either practice journalism or write marketing copy.

But it was frowned upon if you did both.

That has changed.  The growth of content marketing and brand journalism in recent years has seen a more integrated approach between the two types of writing.


What my skills and experience mean for you

My background in news and feature writing means I’m a big advocate of incorporating engaging narratives into marketing copy that resonate with real people – people who are your potential customers.

My experience in research and interviewing not only means I spend time getting to know you and the goals you’re hoping to achieve.

I can also ask the vital ‘who cares?’ questions so I have the raw material to craft content that connects with your target audience – and turn them into buyers of your products and services.


Sound good? Want to know more?

If you need the right words to explain something, persuade, engage or even amuse then please get in touch.