Blog post writing


Blogging is a great way of reaching customers

As well as creating greater recognition for the work your company does, potential customers can hear your “voice”, see your picture, understand your professionalism, and learn about your services.

From what they read, they will determine that you are friendly, genuinely willing to help, and have good prices and service!


*Do you have a topic that you feel comfortable to write about on a regular basis?

*Are you knowledgeable enough on this specific topic to be writing articles on the Internet

*Do you have expertise that can help address the problems of clients in your niche?


Then maybe it’s a good idea to start a company blog.

However, like many business owners, it might be the case that marketing is just one of hundreds of things that need doing.

With so things competing for your time,  it easily becomes one of those ‘must get round to it’ tasks.

So why not use The Content Clinic’s blog writing services?


I will base your blog posts on the information, ideas and keywords that you provide.

Then I will produce content with your target reader in mind that is educational, informative and entertaining, ideally all at the same time.

You can edit them or suggest changes at any time.


But just to let you know, if you’re after blog posts that are crammed full of keywords in a bid to climb the search engines and where grammar and writing style are not that important to you, then you might have to look at other services who provide this.


And, as I’m sure you know, the likes of Google frown upon this kind of thing anyway.

However, if you want posts that are well written, researched and focused on attracting potential customers to your site then drop me a line.


If a blog writing service is not within your budget, The Content Clinic also offers a blog editing service.

Simply write your posts, send them over, and we’ll knock them into shape.

You can check out my blog here.

And if you need further help, drop me a line here.