Newsletter writing

Regardless of whether you want to establish your brand, reach a new market or introduce new products, e mail newsletter are a great way to communicate with your target audience.


Because of tight budgets, small businesses especially often can’t afford many traditional forms of advertising such as magazines ads or local radio commercials.

And this is where newsletters can work very well.

Think of them as sort of micro local newspapers – only the news, case studies, special promotions they feature relate to your company’s products and services.

They can be weekly, monthly, twice monthly or quarterly……how often you send them out is up to you.

But they can be very effective tools in helping you build relationships with your customers.

You just have to make sure they are well written.

And there are now many reporting tools to tell you who has opened them and what they have clicked on.

So, now you know about them, why not hire The Content Clinic to help you get one of the ground?

Or, if you already have one and need some extra help with your e newsletter writing, drop me a line.

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